What do you need to accomplish today?

Hello Intuitive Creator,

You are a creator in your own way. You either write, paint. cook or decorate to recharge your batteries. Or just read a book, journal or stroll about outdoors.

But you have a yearning for more. You want to share your gifts with the world - but authentically as yourself.

You are a continuous learner. You love meaningful conversations, only not too long.  As you need your alone time.

Susanna Reay

How would it be if you could do what you love - creating - and earn money with it?


In a way that feels good to you? 

If only you knew how to put your passion into profit.

Maybe you do not believe you can do it. As a busy mum with a lot on your hands. You have put your family first for a while now. You feel that you do not have enough time to build a business. You can’t think straight.

Something deep inside tells you:

Now, it is your time to shine again.



Where to start?

Your confidence is low as it has been a while... 

Your self esteem has been dampened as people stopped asking you what you do long ago as they brushed you aside as a "mother".

But you have many interests and a lot of knowledge to share. But not that one line answer as to what that is. YET.

How would it feel if you created a business that:

- fulfils you

- brings you joy 

- and brings you more financial freedom

So you can ....

Stop hiding & start shining

Create a business on your terms.

Good news, you are at the right place.

It's time to show your true colours... 

Susanna Reay

Susanna Reay

Business Coach, Colour Catalyst

I coach women who are intuitive creators to build their business the colourful way.

Colour is more important in regards to business growth than many realise!

Inject joy and passion into your business. Stop overwhelm and stay on track with the bigger picture in mind.

Let your branding and message bring across what you and your business are all about. Getting this right from the start leads the way for success.

By working with me, you will speak to your potential clients in a way you never thought possible.

After my first meeting with Susanna, I felt so much relief! I'm in the process of creating a website and had been experiencing difficulty trying to narrow down and pinpoint the best colors for my business. Susanna really helped me zone in on the right color combinations to create a look and feel that truly reflects what I offer to clients. She had such great suggestions and ideas, and I came away from our meeting feeling energized and excited to get started. Color is such a huge part of branding, and choosing the right colors for you and your business is essential! I’m feeling confident in presenting myself and my business in a way that feels truly authentic. Thank you Susanna!


Karin Elise

It is all about balance, Susanna Reay told me. Take some time to draw or paint, something you like to do. One day I was in the mood of overwhelm. On her advice I picked a canvas and just painted. The result does not matter, but I paint again and that was great and I got new energy! "

Simone Houtman, visual artist.

Simone Houtman

I wasn’t prepared when we first met and had only a vague idea of what I needed. In the hour we spoke on Skype, I made pages and pages of notes and got TWO fun assignments.

As I dived into the assignments I felt clarity and patterns emerge. Amazing insights and tips literally in minutes! Insights that ring true and intuitive. Susanna works fast but at full depth.

Being and HSP and an introvert, I found Susanna’s approach magically fitting – to the point, very professional, highly efficient and just enough interaction to get things done. And she didn’t mind me sending her hamster pictures for a laugh – because humour relaxes all of us, right? Thank you Susanna."

Masha Ellis

...when Susanna’s first presentation came up, I was hooked.  I was spell-bound by her in-depth knowledge of colour, the science behind it, the history of colour and the psychological influence it has on one’s emotions.   

Susanna discussed a couple of famous brands and companies with us and elucidated the clever influence colour has in the success of the marketing campaigns and logos of these entities.  Whilst I was highly impressed with the way she explained it, I was picturing some colours related to companies in my mind, and straightaway I remembered that I have this aversion to enter any shop with a certain colour which I personally seriously dislike.  I mentioned that in the conversation, and without blinking an eye she was able to refer me back to the psychology behind my repugnance.


I believe Susanna certainly has enough knowledge to handle all of these intricate nuances and choices around colouring one’s business, or, for that matter, one’s world! "

Elma Ferreira
South Africa

Are you ready to build your confidence?

Do you work from home and talk to clients via online video calls?

  • How does the scene behind you look? 
  • Are you projecting the right image to those you speak to?
  • What colours do you wear when you go online?
  • Which colours highlight you the best? 
  • What items do you have have in shot?
  • Do you know how to go live on Facebook? 

I can help you with all of the above - we get together on a video call and I go through all these elements and a few more and give you practical advice how to alter things to show you are moving on up to the next level in your business. 

Just because you work from home, does not mean that surroundings do not matter.

Investing in yourself and your business idea is investing in your future, and your family's future to provide financial freedom and choose the lifestyle you wish to attain. 

Now I feel like I am ready to step into the year with purpose. Getting ready to take flight in February! Thanks for your input yesterday Susanna - and helping to start the shift of my January blues! I see clearly the possibilities now, on a much grander scale than I would otherwise have dared, or allowed. "

Debra Wenlock Art

Debra Wenlock

Build your Confidence 
and Stop Overwhelm Now!
It's time to get your business moving.

Colour Catalyst Coaching

My Colour Catalyst Coaching programs hold you accountable for all the steps you need to take to launch your business idea in a colourful and fun way. 
  • Business CLARITY
  • Process FOCUS
  • Business MOMENTUM

I found our calls and your preparation and tools very professional. I was impressed how clear a recommendation of colours can be. My initial question was answered to the point. I enjoy -and will!- working with you very much, I find you very understanding and good to talk with"

Mareike Fuisz

Mareike Fuisz

Yesterday I had so much fun and my heart was full of joy, as I was chatting live with Susanna Reay inside her group about my attraction to purple and violet. Susanna is a colour expert & textile artist who has a wonderful group on facebook named "Colour Joy".

As I was sharing with her some anecdotes, I told her about my kitchen countertop and how I realized that I love baking, cooking and being in my kitchen (something I thought, it wasn't my "piece of cake" but changed in a good way when we replaced the reddish-wood worktop to a purple/violet one)."


​Tania Blanco

Have you recently started on your own business journey? Or about to go through a period of transition and are looking for direction in how to ramp up your offering?

Have you tried a few things to make you stand out but nothing seems to quite feel right?

Do you struggle to make your business voice heard among the crowd? 

Are you feeling at a loss as to where to go next? 


I hear you.

My clients are looking for help through the myriad of options and they are ready and committed to TAKE THE NEXT STEP.

I am absolutely blown away by how APPROPRIATE this is for me! I am sitting here with GOOSEBUMPS! "

Michelle Seaton Witte

Is the time right for you to get serious in your business in a fun and colourful way? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me to find out more. 

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul - Wasily Kandinsky

Why Colour? 

Because colour is THE first thing all humans notice when meeting a person or a product for the first time. Our brains react to the light energy emitted by different colours which in turn affects how we feel. In business, if you ignore the affect that colours have, then you are putting yourself at a disadvantage. 

And in the crowded marketplace every advantage should be seized.

The question is NEVER “What’s your favourite colour?”

​​Practical Help 

A variety of techniques are incorporated into Colour Flow; 

  • Business Planning
  • Expert Branding 
  • Personal Power Colours
  • Home Office Tips
  • Marketing Online
  • Presentation skills
Colour Wheel

Together, we create a plan of action steps for your launch that matches your time available to focus, making the most efficient use of time available. 

My guess is that you have been shooting from the hip and trying everything and anything before, but nothing seems to help.  

You need a strategy and a plan.

The strategy is the big picture of where you are going and the plan is how you will launch that vision.

I work with action takers who have the enthusiasm for real change and the determination that this is their year to make it happen. 

Colour Flow

+ Creative CLARITY
+ Process FOCUS

Susanna teaches introverts how to use colour as a way to show up authentically - Follow her!"

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain

Is COLOUR FLOW right for you? 

Schedule a free discovery call with me to find out more. 

Colour Flow for Creatives

Hang on, I know about colour already, I use it everyday!


Do you struggle with getting stuff done?

Colour Flow helps with that. 

Do you struggle with being seen by your clients and customers?

Colour Flow helps with that. 


Do you struggle with knowing where to start or what to do next?

Colour Flow helps with that. 

My clients are creatives and intuitive thinkers who have struggled with these issues and the business planning aspect of creative flow is particularly useful.

Staying accountable and working with a coach is a key aspect to success as a business woman when it is oh-so easy to just get distracted. Colour Flow incorporates the time that you need to create and makes sure that your energy needs are encompassed in the launch plan. 

Trying to copy the big extrovert coaches just will not work for you. You need someone who allows you to feel into the issues and guide you in the right direction. You need someone who can give support that isn't laced by emotion but sound business knowledge and experience as I have followed this path already.

This isn't a 'go-go-go' program, but a measured creative flow that works and grows your confidence, branding and planning processes. 


A little about me...


You benefit from my knowledge from over 25 years working with colour, design, marketing and project management for business start-ups.

I have also completed with distinction my MBA studies with a top level London University, where I focused on successful female entrepreneurs in my research.

I am a professionally trained designer and also studied colour psychology throughout my life.

I have lived in multiple countries and understand cultural differences and issues this can lead to.

Project Management has been a core skill that carries throughout my life from traversing continents, to wedding planning, to collating 10,000 elements together for marketing materials at product launch time for big international textile shows.

Very little phases me!

So long as I have my quiet space to work it all out in as I am an introvert which means my energies are at the highest when on my own. 

My longer story can be read when you click on this text.

"I firmly believe using colour is an expression of yourself and colours affect your emotions and your confidence to step out and step up in life." Susanna Reay, Colour Catalyst

Colour Fact: 

Different Colours

boost confidence, creativity, clarity, give strength and bring joy. 

Susanna Reay BSc. MBA

Copyright 2018, Colour Catalyst