Q: I have business colours already, can you tell me about them?

>> BRAND colour analysis

Everyone has their favourite colours, and we all respond subconsciously to colour. We use companies that we resonate with personally. 

Make sure you are projecting the right image to gain the right clients for you.

Q: Is your website enticing to visitors?

A: No? Not sure? Um, maybe?

You are in the right place as I can help you with this. 

This time next week you will be able to confidently answer that question. 


Step 1: Ask me to analyse your website brand colours.  

Step 2: Within 2 weeks you will know for sure what your brand colours say about your business.

Step 3: Adapt your website colours to attract your ideal client.

You need to understand what your brand is saying about your business. If you picked your colours at random or due to the colours "looking nice" - chances are they need tweaking to be better for your business sales.

As a business owner you cannot just pick your own favourite colours and use those - the colours must work for your industry and your ideal clients

Colour Psychology is not part of graphic design education, so it is quite likely that if you employed a graphic or website designer to create your brand, they did not fully understand how colours affect us. Yes, they know which colours look good together, as that is an artistic skill. But very few would be able to tell you the deeper meanings of the colours unless they have studied this area in depth as well.

We all resonate with colour at a subconscious level. 

I am unique, as I am a professional colour expert with a design background. I will cast an expert eye across your brand colours and give honest and accurate feedback on whether this is right for your company. 

I am not selling logo design, or website design packages, so you will know that my feedback is genuine and my suggestions will be easy to implement yourself.

Make sure you are projecting the right image to gain the right clients for you.


Elma Ferreira

Artist, Art Teacher & Musician.

I would most definitely recommend Susanna as the number one choice for any business as a Colour Catalyst, I believe she has such a wealth of wisdom around the science of colour that I would also employ her as my personal “Colour Coach” on an emotional and psychological level as well!

BRAND colour analysis

Do you already have a website and a business up and running but it does not seem to be achieving as well as you hoped? Having your website colours analysed to learn what they say about your business will provide you with the needed insight to make suitable updates to match the message you wish to send out and know with confidence how your clients will view you online. 

If your brand colours are wrong, they unconsciously create an instant negative response. This means all the other design and branding elements will have to work much harder to overcome this off-putting first impression.

To get a speedy, personal analysis of your brand colours, please click the button below to complete this online questionnaire.

On receipt of the questionnaire, I will then invoice you in your preferred currency (USD or GBP). This needs to be paid in full before your brand analysis starts.


Brand Colour Analysis


Logo Brand Analysis includes:

  • A short online questionnaire to provide details about your business logo and it's uses.

  • RESULT: a report (PDF) outlining the messages that your logo is sending to your customers with hints on how this could be improved.

  • Payment will be due upfront via Paypal Invoice after receipt of the questionnaire. 

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