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Help! I am starting out and I am in overwhelm as to where to start! Can you help? 

I hear you, there is so much out there and you need help finding your feet and taking the steps you need to take in the right direction. This is exactly how I help my clients find their Colour Flow to navigate the steps required to build a business at a pace that suits the creative process. 

Start this YOUR COLOUR FLOW process with a no-obligation 20 minute discovery call with me! 

We will discuss your blockers to progress and you will gain at least one action to take away from our call to help move you forward today. 

I offer a selection of personalised coaching packages that I will go through on our discovery call. 

Remember change takes time!

Results are most likely to occur when you are accountable to someone else and they can offer advice at the right points to move you forward.

My 3 month personalised coaching package is the most popular with clients who are facing overwhelm. We meet online every two weeks or once a month, dependant on your chosen package and talk through the issues and you will receive personalised tasks to progress your vision.

Susanna Reay
Susanna Reay Colour Catalyst

Susanna Reay - Colour Catalyst

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